Middle & High School

Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that come with homeschooling Jr. High and Highschool students, we have thoughtfully assembled a program tailored for grades 6-12. Our curriculum is crafted to foster independence, critical thinking, and a passion for learning, preparing students for college, careers, and beyond.

What We Provide

  • Extended Academic Exploration:

    Perfectly suited for grades 6-12 students.

    Adaptive & Stimulating Content: Challenges students with a curriculum designed to provoke thought and encourage independence.

    • Track records for transcripts and access to SAT PREP
    • Join Our Supportive Educational Community: Safe social platform where your children can engage with other homeschool children

  • All-In-One Curriculum:

    Strategically Designed for Adolescents: Perfectly aligned with the educational needs of grades 6-12.

    • Extended Academic Exploration: Delves into complex reading comprehension, writing, mathematics, science, history and art. Electives included.

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$35.00 USD Per month/Per Child

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