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Are you struggling to teach your homeschool student how to form legible letters? If so, Proper Penmanship is here for you! Perfect for all K-5 students, this engaging in-home program teaches the basics of penmanship. Students will learn how to make proper letter formation with careful attention devoted to each letter. With the help of our experienced education professionals your child will gain the perspective and structure necessary for successful writing!

Whether a smaller task like writing thank you cards for family members or a larger project like text analysis on a specific subject, Proper Penmanship enables young students to take pride in their written work. Not only does this program bring out confidence in students, it also encourages development and improved mental health by providing an outlet of creativity through handwriting. Let us show you how our courses can give your homeschool student the power they need to turn any paper into something they can be proud of!

Proper Penmenship

Proper Penmenship

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