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Welcome to My Homeschool Village Co-op: Where Education Meets Nurturing

Discover My Homeschool Village Co-op, a place where education flourishes in the comfort and warmth of a private home. We believe that every child deserves individualized attention, a supportive environment, and ample opportunities to socialize and grow. Our unique program blends the best of public school education and the intimacy of home learning, offering an exceptional experience for both students and parents.

Personalized Academic Program: At My Homeschool Village Co-op, we understand that every child is unique, with their own strengths and areas for growth. That's why our experienced co-op teacher crafts a specialized academic program for each child, tailored to their learning style, interests, and pace. Through this personalized approach, we ensure that every child receives the support they need to reach their full potential and excel academically.

One-on-One Attention and Tutoring: With small class sizes, My Homeschool Village Co-op allows for one-on-one attention to each child. Our dedicated teacher is always there to assist and guide students through their coursework, providing personalized tutoring when necessary. This level of individualized support fosters a deeper understanding of subjects and boosts confidence in each child's abilities.

The Joy of Socializing and Making Friends: Socialization is an integral part of childhood development. At My Homeschool Village Co-op, children have the opportunity to interact, make friends, and grow together. The close-knit community promotes a positive and inclusive atmosphere, where students can build lasting friendships while learning and exploring the world together.

Flexible Schedule: We understand that children thrive when they have time to recharge and pursue other interests. That's why My Homeschool Village Co-op offers a schedule that allows for a few days off each week, striking a healthy balance between academics and leisure. This flexibility enables students to explore hobbies, engage in extracurricular activities, and spend quality time with their families.

Life Skills and Independence: My Homeschool Village Co-op goes beyond academics. We empower children with essential life skills, teaching them to be independent learners, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. These skills lay the foundation for a successful future, helping students become confident and capable individuals.

Assistance with State Reporting: Navigating the administrative aspects of homeschooling can be overwhelming. Rest assured, at My Homeschool Village Co-op, our teacher is here to guide you through the state reporting process, ensuring that all requirements are met. You can focus on your child's education and growth while we handle the paperwork.

Group Activities and Bonding: In addition to individualized learning, My Homeschool Village Co-op organizes various group activities and projects. These experiences foster teamwork, collaboration, and communication skills. From field trips to creative workshops, our co-op enhances the learning journey with engaging group activities.

A Place of Warmth and Love: My Homeschool Village Co-op is more than just an educational institution; it's a loving and nurturing home away from home. The genuine care and attention provided by our teacher create an environment where children feel safe, supported, and valued. This warmth ensures that students approach learning with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Join us at My Homeschool Village Co-op, where we blend the best aspects of education and home life. Give your child the gift of personalized learning, socialization, and the opportunity to grow into a confident, independent learner. Together, we'll create an enriching and fulfilling educational experience that sets the stage for a bright future.

Program Tuesday and Thursday 2 days a week from 10-3

Payment is automatic and will come out every month until you cancel. 

We ask for 1 year commitment, but understand when life happens. 

We ask that you communicate with us about your plans. 

We have a waiting list for our program and want to make sure those who would seriously like to be here are here. 

We reserve the right to deny anyone access for any reason. 

Badly behaved children that bully, swear, or mistreat other students will be given 1 warning, if behavior continues we will talk to the parent. If it still continues we will ask that you leave and we will cancel any further payments. You will not get a refund for early dismissal. By purchasing this program you agree to these terms. 

Lunch is included for an extra fee. 

Mini Village Whitnye Hamilton

Mini Village Whitnye Hamilton

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