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Menstrual Cycle Schedule FREE!

Menstrual Cycle Schedule FREE!

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"Homeschool The Way God Intended, Around Your Menstrual Cycle"

 I've discovered the Menstrual Cycle Homeschool Schedule, a gentle approach that respects our natural rhythms. It's a beautiful way to align our teaching with how God created us, making homeschooling a more intuitive and harmonious experience.​

What Homeschooling around my menstrual cycle has done for our family..

  • Boosted Productivity: I've personally experienced how planning lessons around my peak energy times can skyrocket my productivity. It's like having a superpower! 
  • Stress Reduction: By lightening the workload during challenging times, I've not only reduced my stress levels but also created a calmer atmosphere for my kids. It's a win-win for everyone. 
  • Teach Life Lessons: Homeschooling has allowed me to model healthy self-care habits for my kids, including open discussions about menstrual health. Normalizing these conversations has been empowering for us all. 
  • Raise Empathetic Future Partners: It's incredible to see how teaching my sons and daughters about menstrual cycle rhythms has gone beyond biology. It's shaping them into more empathetic and understanding future partners, setting the stage for healthier and more fulfilling relationships. 


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