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For all homeschool moms out there, it’s time to truly appreciate the written word with Learn to Love Your Books! Put aside the tasks and tests of a traditional education and give your children a fun and fulfilling experience, one where they can get closer to books and story-telling.

Travel through the ages! Through this special course, your family will take a remarkable journey into the rich history of writing. From the invention of ink to the interactive e-books of today, discover the powerful impact that books have made on our world. Follow along as new writing techniques altered how stories were shared and learn about some of its most famous authors, with an engaging hands-on approach sure to spark interest.

Learn how books have built and transformed entire societies through their unique combination of escapism, education, inventions, ideas, knowledge and artistry. Recognize their lasting legacy as empires rose from humble beginnings due to access to reading materials — or crumbled in response. Appreciate how literature has consistently pushed us forward throughout history and allowed us to understand both ourselves and others better than ever before.

Learning is meant to be an adventure filled with discovery; ignite your enthusiasm with Learn to Love Your Books! Immerse toddlers and students alike in this pulsing narrative filled with stories both old and new — helping them develop a lifelong habit of reading that will serve them in more ways than you could imagine. Let’s come together as readers for generations across ages!

Learn to Love Your Books!

Learn to Love Your Books!

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