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Are you feeling overwhelmed homeschooling with multiple children of various ages? We know it can be difficult, but now there’s an answer - the July Unit Study! This helpful supplemental pack has activities to help your family learn while having fun and bonding together.

Each day, explore different facets of home education with your special unit studies – covering science, art, history and more. Take a step away from the everyday basics and engage learning in an exciting way. With dozens of projects included, plus hints and how-to instructions for each one, you’ll quickly see expertise grow in your kids. And best of all, it’s an easy-to-use thematic approach that everyone in the family can enjoy!

Don’t let the pressures of homeschooling get you down; let the July Unit Study lighten up your days and engage your students. Give yourself a break from traditional methods and see what happens when learning is combined with fun. Get the glow back into your home schooling experience right away - pick up the July Unit Study today!

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July Unit Study

July Unit Study

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