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Lesson 1 - The Beginning
Lesson 2-3 -Life in the 1600's
Lesson 4 - Life in the 1700's 
Lesson 5 - Indiana and the Revolution
Lesson 6 - Life in the 1800's
Lesson 7 - Indiana and Pioneer Life
Lesson 8 - Transportation and the Civil War
Lesson 9 - Indiana Resources
Lesson 10 - 12 - Life in the 1900's
Lesson 13 - Indiana Greats

What You'll Get From Indiana History: As a student, you'll have fun videos and lessons that explains how Indiana was formed. Learn about the people, products and resources that make up the Hoosier land. Interactive and informative. Parents/Teachers - these lessons are created to give your student the understanding of how Indiana was formed, the people and backgrounds of how the land was settled and the role this state played in the formation of the United States.

Indiana History

Indiana History

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