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Family Command Center - Dry Erase Boards

Family Command Center - Dry Erase Boards

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Say goodbye to the days of chaos and frustration. With the amazing Family Command Center, you can easily keep your family organized and ensure that everything gets done on time! This powerful yet simple set is designed to help busy families stay in sync like never before. Equipped with a dry erase year calendar, weekly calendar, job chart, and quote board – this is a must-have item for total family optimization.

The beautiful Year Calendar included in the Family Command Center allows each 24"x 36" poster to be divided into four quadrants: one per month of the year. You can assign big projects or events months in advance. Plus – if anything changes, you can easily update it since it’s dry erase!

The Weekly Calendar will assist in staying on track with daily commitments such as appointments, chores schedules and school due dates. Each day of the week has designated slots for up to five tasks so that nothing slips through the cracks!

The Job Chart will allow efficient delegating of household chores. Each 36"x 10" poster comes with eight columns labeled from Sunday through Saturday, and five rows titled ‘To Do List'. With this tool, every member of your household knows exactly what their responsibilities are for the week ahead - leading to an even workload all around.

Last but certainly not least is the Quotes Board which encourages positivity and optimism within your home. You may write down phrases or inspiring words that positively influence those living under your roof. Make it fun by assigning everyone a rotation to think up new sayings or mantras every week!

Bring calm and order into your home today with our effective Family Command Center!

1 Dry erase wall calendar 24" x 36"

1 Weekly Calendar 24" x 8.5"

1 Dry erase job/reward chart 10" x 36" Each

1 Quote of the Week sign 24" x 8.5"

dry erase home organization board


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