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Are you looking for a comprehensive biology program that helps your student learn the fundamentals of life? Look no further - our Biology course is designed with homeschoolers in mind to help your student not only master the principles of biology, but fall in love with this fascinating subject!

Our interactive, week-long lessons will engage your student's curiosity, teaching them about parts of the cell, cell processes, and how these microscopic aspects come together to create an amazing expression of life. Your student will explore DNA and RNA, understand how cells divide and reproduce, gain insight into heredity and genetics as well as discover how it shapes us and our unique characteristics.

In addition to exploring life at the cellular level, your student will learn about plants from roots to leaves - and everything in between. Our exciting material on ecosystems and habitats provide the context to see life in its natural environment and appreciate the interconnectedness of a community. We also cover invertebrates and vertebrate animals so students can see just how diverse forms of life have adapted over time.

We make learning fun by providing weekly labs with real-world applications that help your student connect their newfound knowledge back to everyday life experiences. And we don’t forget assessment either; our game type assessments add motivation for greater understanding.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in outstanding biology education: one that is sure to excite even the most reluctant learners! Enroll today for an enriching experience that promises confidence with learning material, academic success, invaluable knowledge for future endeavors—and lifelong appreciation for nature.



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