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The All 50 States independent research Journal is an essential tool for any curious homeschool family. This 52-page digital download includes a map of all the states which can be colored and labeled, as well as a page dedicated to each individual state featuring facts, maps, and stories. Kids ages 6+ can engage with this comprehensive and interactive journal to learn about their country in an informative and fun way!

With so much information available online, it's hard to know what's reliable or age-appropriate - that's why having a concrete resource like the All 50 States independent research Journal can make all the difference in encouraging your child's independent exploration. The wide breadth of knowledge that they'll gain here serves as a great foundation for further studies or enrichment activities!

As you flip through this on-the-go guide, you and your little scholar will unearth lesser known facts about each state - historical landmarks, culture, customs — they're only limited by their curiosity. No matter the geographical location, it can often feel like one part of the country doesn't understand those from another - but this journal will help break down such barriers. It provides a platform for engaging conversation about our nation’s complex history and diversity.

With the All 50 States independent Research Journal at hand, your child has the tools they need to dive into uncovering America’s mysteries — providing countless hours of educational discovery wherever you go!

All 50 States (independent Research Journal)

All 50 States (independent Research Journal)

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