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As a homeschool parent, you have a wealth of experience when it comes to your child’s education. But if your child has special needs, the added stress and uncertainty can be overwhelming. That's where A Beginner's Guide to Special Education (Homeschool Edition) comes in! From walking you through how to get an official diagnosis to tackling the legal ins and outs of preparing for the education system, this guide offers easy-to-understand advice and insight that allows parents to better understand their child's needs and make informed decisions along their journey.

It starts with helping you understand your options when it comes to the education system. Whether you decide to have your child stay home or attend school, A Beginner's Guide outlines what steps need to be taken so that everyone is on the same page in regards to goals, accommodations, programming for improvement plans and more. Then it dives deeper into current stats about special needs students within the educational system so that parents can build awareness around advocacy efforts for more inclusive practices across all education systems.

In addition to providing meaningful resources for planning ahead, this guide also focuses on dietary adjustments related to conditions like ADHD or autism spectrum disorder. Plus there are trusty checklists filled with potential health warning signs so families can be proactive with monitoring their children’s well-being during times of transition or disruption.

Finally, A Beginner's Guide goes a step further by addressing the social-emotional toll that having a child with special needs may take on a family—an equally important part of navigating life’s unknowns together. Offering encouragement and hope amidst all the uncertainties that come along with managing special needs circumstances, this beginner’s guide provides essential information in an easy-to-navigate package allowing homeschool moms (and dads!) everywhere access to reliable resources designed specifically for their unique situation.

A Beginners Guide to Special Education (Homeschool Edition)!

A Beginners Guide to Special Education (Homeschool Edition)!

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